Paris Hilton masters the art of hogging the limelight for her extravagant lifestyle. In absolutely no danger of being bogged down with the global recession, the rich Hilton heiress has ordered a $400,000 diamond-encrusted dashboard to add a little more sparkle to her pink Bentley. The Sun reports, the hotel heiress, 27, will have it flown out from the firm’s British HQ in Crewe to be fitted to her Continental GT in Los Angeles. Paris got one of her guys to phone Bentley in Crewe, to explore the possibility. And a source at Bentley said, “When the man said she wanted to stud the dashboard with a couple of hundred grand’s worth of diamonds, we were stunned. We’re used to dealing with the stars so we expect the odd extravagance, but this is something else.” The Barbie-inspired ride has been customized in pink with upholstery, grille and hubcaps also in pink. She had it sprayed pink and has got her initials almost everywhere, on the blinged Bentley badge, rims and even on the seat. Love her or hate her, she sure knows how to create the buzz.