Monday, December 28, 2009

Computer-Choppers' next is a 24kt gold PS3 Slim

While there are gaming enthusiasts like designer Stephane Perruchon, who took his love for PS3 to another level with the PS3 coffee table, there are Computer-Choppers for the elite class who have PS3 slim under the knives for a gold makeover. The folks over at Computer-Choppers are secretly working on the most exclusive custom gaming console ever, dipped in 24kt gold. The new Sony Playstation 3 Slim will be available in a limited edition of five units only. So, for all those who are looking for an extraordinary gift for the gaming enthusiast in their life, the 24kt gold PS3 .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Headphones have come alive with first ever commercial crystallized headphones

Headphones have really come alive with the first ever commercial crystallized headphones. The headphones with Swarovski crystals are the result of CrystalRoc teaming up with Audio Technica. The Crystal PRO700s are adorned with over 5000 individual Swarovski crystals to give them the sparkling look and most importantly the heightened detail. Apart from the incredible crystal looks, the crystal clear sound quality on the broadest range of frequencies, from 5 to 30 000 Hz gives another reason to love them every day. The headphones with Swarovski crystals are honestly as if a veil is finally lifted from the audio gear.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Frank Lampard signature gold plated iPod to support cancer trust

Chelsea captain Frank Lampard has earned a reputation as one of the most durable players in the Premier League but apart from the football, the England midfielder is launching his signature Gold iPod in support of the Teenage Cancer trust charity. Designed by Goldgenie and embellished in 24ct gold, the 3rd generation iPod touch is available in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB capacity and comes with a standard one-year guarantee. Lampard is endorsing the exclusive range of these 24ct gold plated iPods with his laser engraved signature at London’s famous Harrods store. Keeping in view the festive season, charity organizers (Ask Godders Management) would expect these exceptional items to make for a wonderful gift for all Chelsea and football fans alike.